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Another division of Jim Puffer Landscape is our new 12 acre tree farm located in West Layton where we are currently planting and growing many varieties of deciduous trees. These trees are of the highest quality. We also hand select and purchase trees from Oregon and local reputable nurseries to ensure high quality.

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Unique Evergreens

Not Available in Utah Nurseries

In regard to evergreens, many of our clients desire narrow, columnar, layered evergreen conifers. This look is unique and clean and typically a homeowner will not have to worry about these trees growing too large and out of proportion since these trees grow very slowly. In the higher elevations of Utah, both narrow, columnar, layered spruce and fir grow natively and many Utahns have grown to love this look. Unfortunately however, these trees are not available for sale through Utah nurseries. Therefore, through great work and research Jim Puffer Landscape is able to find both narrow columnar layered spruce and fir in Northern Idaho, very close to the Canadian border.

As a company, we have been fortunate to purchase several hundred of these trees which are available for sale. Each spring and fall we have approximately 200 of these trees shipped to our tree farm, where they are cared for, until they are needed.


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