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Standard of Excellence

It's Just How We Do Business
As a team we are committed to meeting the individual needs of our clients by providing landscaping in a very dignified and professional manner.


  • Professional licensed and insured full service landscape company for over 25 years.

  • Recipient of "Best Landscape Award" 10 consecutive years

  • Design build firm. (We design creative, innovative landscape designs that meet the need
    of our clients)

  • We use only the best of materials with the finest in workmanship

  • Courteous, dedicated, highly experienced work force

  • Our pricing is competitive and fair

  • We meet the needs of our clients

  • We play by the rules (honest, fair, and consistent)
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Because We Care

For over twenty-five years, the Jim Puffer Landscape team has designed and created landscape masterpieces both commercially and residentially. Our motto is: "we create the impossible because we can." For ten consecutive years, Jim Puffer Landscape was awarded "The Best Landscape Award" in the Northern Wasatch Home Builders' Association Parade of Homes. So when we are asked how did we do it, we humbly answer, "we did it because we care!" We care about and take notice of even the smallest of details and therefore, we take the time to ensure that our completed projects are as close to perfection as possible.

We meet the needs of our clients. All of our landscapes include resourceful planning in which unique, creative, artistic, and innovative ideas are implemented. As a company, we would never consider cutting corners. Our hard earned, good reputation is important to us. Therefore, we will never compromise using cheap products simply to make our estimates more competitive. No question, that Jim Puffer Landscape sincerely cares about providing our clients with elegant landscaping in a dignified and professional manner.

Jim Puffer Landscape is a design build firm in which we are there with you from the very beginning, assisting in the drafting and designing of elegant master landscape plans. Our portfolio photos of past landscape projects aid our clients in enabling them to see what their landscape will look like before a shovel even comes close to entering the dirt. As a team, (Jim Puffer Landscape and the client) we can create a landscape plan where the homeowner's needs and desires are met.

Our workforce is very courteous, dedicated, knowledgeable, and highly experienced. As a company we play by the rules. We pay taxes, match FICA, carry workers' compensation on our employees, and pay our employees overtime. We are also insured and bonded. Many of our competitors do not play by the same legal and honest rules which sometimes makes it difficult to compete.

In terms of landscape costs and expenses Jim Puffer Landscape is very competitive, fair, and reasonable. There are some who believe that we charge more for our landscaping services. However, in reality, when other landscape firms estimate in specifics terms (apples to apples), Jim Puffer Landscape is no more expensive. There is no question that other landscape companies can be less expensive when using less quality products and by providing poor workmanship; not to mention whether they are playing by the rules and obeying federal, state and city laws. Therefore, when seeking estimates for landscaping, please take the necessary time to carefully review the other estimates with great detail. There are so many variables that can affect the bottom line. These variables can include such items as whether the other landscape companies are bidding the same design or if our competitor is using the same in the quality and quantity of the materials.

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